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Managing your tenancy

Even if you’re currently letting your property through an estate agent, you can still enjoy the benefits of membership with Property Wealth Management.

Once you’re a member you can look forward to complete peace of mind, knowing your tenancy is being managed effectively, your property is always market-ready and its value is growing in line with your expectations.

From the moment you make your first monthly payment, we become your tenant’s sole point of contact for any issue relating to their tenancy agreement, removing any need for you to be involved in the day to day business of letting your property.

Once you’ve joined us, we’ll talk to you about the property and any maintenance or repairs it may need and unlike an estate agent, who is concerned only with whether your property is fit for rent, we’ll work with you to plan any necessary works in advance to reduce to a minimum any potential period when it is vacant.

This planned approach to management means our aim is that when your existing tenant leaves your property should usually be no more than a week away from being marketable (our definition of market-ready) and there should be no big surprises awaiting you when the tenant leaves.

Together, we’ll agree an operating budget that we’ll hold for small day-to-day repairs that cost relatively little but which are inconvenient and time-consuming (a dripping tap or broken window, for example).

Both you and the tenant (if desired) can report a fault using our 24/7 online fault reporting tool and you’ll be able to track its progress through to repair. At the point a fault is reported, we’ll assess whether a repair is necessary and, if so, arrange for it to be carried out.

At the same time, we’ll also assess who should bear the cost of any repair and, if we believe responsibility falls with the tenant, we will liaise with him or her to arrange payment.

Repairs will always be carried out by one of our trusted network of tradespeople at the lowest possible cost to either the tenant or, if the problem is one for which the landlord has responsibility, to you.

Larger repairs – a new boiler or a new ceiling, for example – will still be carried out by our trusted network, but in consultation with you in advance.

We will visit the property at regular and agreed intervals and assess its condition and the continued suitability of the tenant and report back to you accordingly.

Towards the end of the tenancy we will perform a final inspection and resolve any subsequent issues prior to the tenancy ending.

And if you ever need it, you’re also only a phone call away from a small, dedicated team of advisers who can help you with any query you might have about the tenancy, your rights as a landlord or your tenants’ rights.

Membership with PWM means hassle-free peace of mind with no long-term commitment and a saving of up to 60% on your existing costs. We’ll even deal with the termination of your current management arrangement.

Why wait any longer to join us?

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