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Managing your property

As you may have realised, here at Property Wealth Management we’re passionate believers in the principle that your property asset should enjoy the same protection and potential for growth as you would expect for a cash investment.

We also think that protecting your asset wealth shouldn’t cost you the earth.

So at PWM our job is to make letting your property as simple, straightforward and cost-effective as possible whilst also affording you the total peace of mind that comes from knowing your house or flat is in the hands of experts who know the property market inside out.

One of the ways we do that is to work with your tenant to make sure their experience living in your property is as simple and straightforward as your experience is of letting it to them.

To achieve that, we make it our business to understand your tenant’s needs and to ensure that by working with you we provide the best and most responsive service we can to them. As your ambassador, knowing their rental journey is almost as important as knowing yours.

Some of the knowledge we need to be able to make your tenant’s journey a positive one is basic common sense: tenants want clean, comfortable accommodation with properly functioning heat, water and power, appliances that work and adequate security.

But there are some things that are less obvious. And that’s why we’ve tried to adapt our tenancy and tenant management service to meet the needs of the journey your tenant is on whilst ensuring your interests and the long-term health of your asset are our top priority.

By working with you to identify any urgent works prior to letting your property, we can make sure your tenant moves into accommodation that is in good condition, with equipment that works as it should.

When your tenant needs us, we will be there for them as your representative to address any concerns or to answer any questionsthey might have. Most of the time, you won’t need to be involved.

When things do go wrong, your tenant will be able to report faults within the property using our online fault reporting and repair tracker tools – and you’ll be able to see everything in real time - wherever you are in the world.

Problems do occur from time to time, but when they do we are committed to making sure we are responsive, deal with issues quickly, fairly and effectively and only involve you when absolutely necessary.

Property Wealth Management is your tenant’s one stop shop for every aspect of their rental – whether it’s asking a question, raising a concern, reporting a fault or simply paying their rent.

That means peace of mind for you, peace of mind for them and a mutually beneficial landlord-tenant relationship that offers you the best possible return on your capital investment.

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